AWA Network provides consulting, development, and messaging.

At AWA Network, we are a bunch of CPaaS and software development veterans serving the industry with a combined expertise of over 100 years.

Since we are an experienced group of Telco engineers who know both sides of the coin, we support R&D projects in the Telco industry towards a modern operational model, enabling innovation to go with the speed of software, not infrastructure development. We also contribute with our experience from consulting to planning, realization, delivery, and operations. Our software stack supplements the offer and is already deployed in major telecom use cases.


We wholeheartedly support the process of changed requirements and new opportunities in building and providing communications services.

With AWA Network, we are committed to solving problems companies face within their communications services when scaling their businesses into new territories or exploding costs when growing. Since we have gathered many experiences with API providers ourselves over the years, we know your pain and strive to support your business wholeheartedly with our CPaaS expertise. As an experienced team of developers, we strive to advance software evolution globally.


AWA Network serves clients all around the globe. Our customers are based in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We speak English and of course also Telco-tech! We do not publish our client list online but are happy to share details about our work in person; get in touch! Read more about our Services.


Least cost scenarios, enhanced geo-coverage, and service/provider interoperability still need to be achieved using just one CPaaS/trunk provider. Hence we work on the easy use of multiple accounts.

The AWA Messaging platform provides a RESTful API and streaming API to enable software developers to integrate SMS messaging from their applications to people’s cell phone numbers. With our custom preference options, you decide how you want your SMS to be delivered: either by choosing the least cost route, guaranteed delivery, or CLI/header support – you decide, we deliver – keeping your costs at bay and sending every message via the best available route. With AWA Messaging, we can support your unique requirements with our profound expertise.