SMS - Delivered your way. 

For every message sent.

You use SMS within your services, and you are not getting enough out of the same-old, same-old providers and their black box solutions.

AWA provides global SMS coverage.


AWA provides an alternative approach to SMS APIs where you can influence the way your messages are delivered.

Whether you want to optimize your cost or require guaranteed delivery and CLI/header support:
Just define your preferences using our API. We make a real-time decision choosing the optimal path and provider and send every message via the best available route.

AWA Network integrates a long list of delivery partners already and keeps onboarding new ones regularly.

Simple coding. AWA does the heavy lifting.

Reliable SMS APIs. Same, but different.

With the AWA platform, you can define your message delivery preferences easily and transparently to send SMS via our Twilio-compatible RESTful API or our modern Streaming API.

Next to our own API, we provide interfaces compatible with the most known SMS API providers and every carrier in the world. We extended them to programmatically define the rules for different use cases applied to every message.

Never touch a running system, but you might want to know your options.

Bring your own SMS provider

If you have better conditions with your provider of choice, we integrate them and decide on a per-message and per-destination base for the optimal route. Whether we use your provider or our network to deliver the message - you and your customers benefit either way.

You might not want to share the credentials of your SMS provider, learn more about our transparent proxy feature. We do not use any confidential information, and you have neither technical effort nor risk.

And we will provide a reliable price scheme for all your delivery based on our integrated provider list