AWA Network Professional Services

We know about Telecoms and can help you.

We are an international team of Telco-tech veterans, and we know your abbreviations, assumptions, and special Telecommunications set-ups. Whether you need legacy support or the newest 5G API development: You might want to consider asking us about our opinion, and if applicable practical help.

Everyone in the team has no less than a decade of experience with communication stacks. We have the right expertise at hand, whether it is SIP, SMPP, IMS, IN, OSS/BSS, WebRTC, or 5G. 

Whatever programming language or framework is needed: We set up a team of engineers to cope with it – just don’t expect Cobol or Prolog, but everything after 1990 we can embrace and apply according to your needs. Our experts favor JavaScript, Java, or Python if given a choice. For mobile ecosystems, we would choose SWIFT and Kotlin/C++ and all possible scripting languages we need for automation. 

AWA serves clients all around the globe. Our customers are based in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We speak English and of course also Telco-tech! We do not publish our client list online but are happy to share details about our work in person; just get in touch!

Our Offer.

AWA Network Professional Services provide

- DevOps for Telco
- Software development
- Consulting on technology design and architecture.

Our “DevOps Factory” can containerize everything, even infrastructures that have been living in legacy systems for ages. Once your tech stack is available on Kubernetes/Docker, we automate, deploy, and operate it on any (or multiple) public cloud(s), hybrid set-ups, or on-site.

Our software development team is specialized in designing and building RESTful APIs for your communication stack, programming language, and eco-system-specific SDKs, as well as native applications with a communication focus for web, iOS, and Android – enhancing your systems with backend components and integrating any legacy or modern infrastructure. Modern interface concepts such as GraphQL, reactive streaming APIs, or gRPC for connecting services are also well-known turf for us.

Whether your existing technical concepts need a second opinion, or you want to create a Telco architecture from scratch: Do not hesitate to involve us. Even though our core focus is software development, we are used to being involved early on and consider this part of our job to deliver the best possible tech artifacts for the job.

Core activities


The latest generation of mobile networks has a lot of potentials and brings novelties around APIs and the programmability of the network. 

At AWA, we have already developed multiple 5G-integrated applications that use these network APIs in multi-vendor testbeds. We supported tier 1 operators in the entire lifecycle – from assessing requirements from standards, application and interface design, development, integration, and implementation.

AWA has expertise in both the telecoms stack (ranging from 2G – 5G) and the new Internet Protocol stack and features for these types of carrier projects.


The area of programmable communication can be considered our home turf. We have realized countless projects for our partners and continuously consult in this area.

Our expertise lies in any point of the communications API evolution cycle:

- Design and extend legacy Telco networks with a programmable API layer
- Extend the programmable API layer with service logic and integrate various carrier APIs
- Implement services and mash-up APIs on top of existing communications providers interfaces

We are, of course, also mixing the topics and mashing up APIs, orchestrating the interfaces of various providers, or adding modern value-added service layers on top of existing programmable communications infrastructures.

Edge, SIP, RTC & IMS...

We have experts throughout the entire Telecoms stack – ranging from network-centric topics such as edge computing and cloud connectivity to carrier communications infrastructures based on SIP or modern WebRTC stacks.

Our team was involved in projects with major telecommunication providers for modernizing their legacy circuit-switched network with IP-based IMS infrastructures. We now support those carriers in adopting 5G and, more importantly, the northbound integration and service capabilities of these IP-based infrastructures. We also helped carriers not yet ready for 5G to provide exceptional communications experiences on LTE networks by integrating APIs their vendors supplied with a modern communications stack.